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sat 5 nov 2011

oh yeah. gettin' stuff done. My weekends are all about happy projects and being proud of myself. ha!

  One Sentence Journal It's getting organized and I completed 1/3 of the unfinished pages. There are a couple pages that I'm still unsure about. And the cover of the journal. But it's mostly done, and I'm confident about getting the thing in the mail before the deadline!

  Reading!!! oh lord... Amazon Prime + Kindle owner = Lending Library (one free book a month). Yep, I'm already reading my free book! I'm crazy that way... like Project Gutenberg isn't enough?!

  Chores yep, I also did mundanities today. Like laundry. Tomorrow, I need to make bread. and work on at least one shelf of the pantry project.

Gettin' Stuff Done!

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