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sun 18 sept 2011

  Oh My Gosh! There are carrots! growing! in the garden!! Calm Down -- the last time I noticed carrots, I weeded them and then they died shortly after that.

But these carrots are going to live! Well. I hope they live. I had two different kinds of carrot seeds this year, a hybrid and an heirloom. I planted them about six times over. One time four plants came up. This time, a good handful are growing... The last time I sowed seeds was 14 aug. and these plants are all about two inches high and living under some borage leaves (which I ripped out of the ground without even thinking about it!) (they will be excellent mulch!).

  Doodle Art Alley, free coloring pages I love this site! It gives me something to do with all those Copic markers I have. *laughs* This is a new page of free doodles that you can print up and colour... I like numbers 3 and 7... but I LOVE number 8!! Of course, I might have a bias towards 8 anyway, but the fishies are cute!

I bought her first colouring book, last year I think. And now she's gathering pledges to get her second book published... Kick Starter: Doodle Art Alley

  a weekend of movies... What Dreams May Come, the end of Shawshank and now The DaVinci Code. huh... sitting in front of the tv is such a waste of time! ha!

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