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fri 1 apr 2011

Heya! I am rift vegan, welcome to my website!

It's been so long since I've typed here, I thought a re-introduction would be in order! :) This blog post is about some of the things I enjoy and love doing... and thusly, what this blog is all about!

First and Most Important! I am vegan and I love being vegan! YAY VEGAN!

This will never be a blog about food, tho. I hate to cook.

Next: I love to read! I do occasionally type about the books I am reading. And my horrifying "To Be Read" pile.

For Instance. During the apparently quite month of March, I spent much time reading a huge biography of Rachel Carson. Oh, what a sad and heart-breaking life, cut so short by cancer. But, now I am re-reading Silent Spring, and have also bought a couple of her other books. eBook format: so they won't contribute to the clutter in the tiny townhouse.

I also enjoy photography. Just point and click, nothing fancy. I am a serious homebody, but photography is the one thing that gets me out of the house. Because I would rather take pictures of the wild!

Thrush in a tree

Okay. More later. I am thinking about doing a daily blog posting month... But I've not committed to it yet.

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