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sat 26 feb 2011


  VINE Sanctuary Eastern Shore Sanctuary moved to Vermont and their new name stands for Veganism Is the Next Evolution. I like it. Plus! When I sent them a donation... their thank you card was HANDMADE! It very much delighted me!! :)

  Alphabet Colouring Pages New colouring pages at Doodle Art Alley. They are free! Samantha's colouring pages are the absolute best I've found!

  Free Streaming Movies for Amazon Prime members? That's interesting! I got about three minutes into Amadeus... and then the Internet distracted me. heh.

Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

  I recently finished two of the three books I was reading! And now I've picked up a biography of Rachel Carson (who wrote Silent Spring). It's a wonderfully fat book... 634 pages, and yes, I always read the footnotes!

  Daily Drawing is not so daily... It's been about 28 days and I'm only on drawing #21. I just don't have drawing Enthusiasm. And I really Want Drawing Enthusiasm! In fact, I think I'm going to rename my daily project "Drawing Enthusiasm".

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