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new copic colours
sat 19 feb 2011

my new copic sketch markers

Yay! The top nine markers in the photo are some of the brand new copic colours, which arrived in North America this week! Day Job Perk: I got to be the first person on the continent to buy and have these copics! haha!

(New copic colours I didn't buy are E23 Hazelnut, E81 Ivory, YR30 Macadamia. I think I have enough browns and tans at the moment, that's all!)

I'll have to go count, but I think I'm approaching 100 copics! There are currently 346 sketch colours.

I am very happy to now have a partial set of the warm greys. I have the same partial set of cool greys. And I think I'm done buying greys for a while since I'm not interested in the toner greys or neutral greys.

I played with the markers a bit last night. The only new colour I'm disappointed with is the BG70 Ocean Mist. It is way too pale. But I had to have it because the other BGs in that colour group are some of my favorite colours!

Daily Drawing Update
I continue. I have missed a few days, tho. I seem to lose my momentum over the weekend and then it's really hard to get back to it on monday. eh.

Okay, much to do this weekend... guess I'd better get at it!

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