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daily project #1
sun 30 jan 2011

Okay! Excellent! Time-Sensitive Project #2, xmas Thank You cards: Done and in the mail! And Time-Sensitive Project #3, Mom's handmade bday present: Started and moving forward!

So! Here is my idea for Daily Project #1...
100 Daily Drawings.

Yes. 100.

In the past, I have done daily drawings for a month, several times over. At the end of the month, I think, "Oh, I'm tired of drawing. I will take a break for a few days. and then I'll get back to drawing. Because drawing is cool after all." And then I never actually get back to the drawing.

So, I've decided on 100 daily drawings.

I started today.

Deciding what to draw is always a problem when you're staring at the blank page. "Draw what's right in front of you!" But I've drawn my stuffed animals a million times. heh.

I like nature, I should draw some nature. But I have stared out my bedroom window quite enough, thank you very much. But I do have some house plants...

oh hey. My favorite, the Nerve plant... I could put a cutting in some water and bring it to my room so I could sketch in a familiar environment. And also find out if nerve plants will propagate via cuttings.

okay. the cutting is in some water on the window sill! me with my lap desk! pencils sharpened! 4x6 index card ready!

omg. can I do this?
*deep breath*
*make first line*
look at cutting and the jar of water.
realize my line is COMPLETELY WRONG!!!



nerve plant drawing

copic colours: G12 Sea Green, YG67 Moss, C1 and C3 cool grey, B95 Light Grayish Cobalt

99 more...

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