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Hair Cut!
fri 28 jan 2011

Yay Weekend! Yay Hair Cut!

A few hours ago my hair was about 12 inches long. Now it's about 2 inches long. hm. *pulling out hair* *measuring hair* ah ha! it's exactly 1.75 inches long, at the longest!

*grins* It was just time for something different.

(unfortunately, I left my camera at the day job. arg! so no photos this weekend, darn it.)

Okay. Here's the deal, people. I have exactly four time-sensitive projects I need to finish. And I want to start a new daily project because I'm crazy that way.

  Time #1: Crochet the Scarves. it's still january, right, and it's going to be cold for at least a month or so! right?!

  Time #2: xmas Thank you cards. um. yes. I know. gettin' kinda late for these. But! I'm going to do it!

  Time #3: Mom's homemade bday present. Her birthday was at the beginning of January. But she understands. heh.

  Time #4: My new LOVE vegan pen pal needs a letter and some postcards.

Thing is: finishing any one of these projects is maybe two hours. Would it kill me? And yet, I've been ignoring them all!

But now that I have short hair? I can do anything!!

  and Daily #1: um, more about this later, if I actually do it. heh.

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