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sat 5 feb 2011

100 Daily Drawings

Pack of 100, 6x4 Index Cards
Hard Pencil (4H) and Soft Pencil (6B)
White, Vinyl eraser
a decent Purple pencil sharpener
Approximately 80 Copic Markers
A few multiliners of various widths
an excellent lap desk
Scrap paper for testing marker colours and protecting the excellent lap desk!


Five days, five drawings! Most of my drawings have been pencil sketches with no extra colouring. But abstract and non-objective art fascinates me! I'm not terribly good at this kind of art, but with 100 drawings, I think I can get some practice in!

I am also quite interested in trying out some Chinese Brush Painting. Not with a brush and watercolours, but with my copic markers...

You see, the brush nibs on copics are entirely bendable. You can squish them all you want, and they always pop back into their normal shape. Yet another awesome thing about copic markers!

I'm thinking that the brush nib is about the same as the brush they use for chinese brush paintings. Or close enough to play with, anyway.

And then, too: the brushes used for chinese paintings are made out of animal hair, all kinds of animals... yuck! and extremely NOT VEGAN!

The "formula" to make Copic nibs is a closely guarded secret... but it's entirely man-made materials. Yay Vegan!

So: Action Plan...
  Pull out my Chinese Brush Painting kits.
  Find that book about abstract forms in nature.

And keep working on Time-Sensitive Projects #1, 3, 4 and
  Time #5: Letter writing explosion on! Write back to everyone.

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