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sat 22 jan 2011

Want to mention a few things that I'm thinking about...

  Daily Doodle
A fundraising project by a professional illustrator, raising money for the British charity, Shelter.

Oh my gosh! Her little doodle creatures are Soooo! Terribly! Cute! My Favorites: 290 sleeping demon robot, 250 rat, 244 pig, 193 snail, 108 patchwork elephant, 85 giraffes, 74 star machine, 33 abstract fish. (But actually I love all the little creatures!)

I wish I could make drawings like hers! of course, that might actually have to involve some drawing time. Which is currently at Nada. *shakes head*

  Creative Every Day: full wolf moon...
huh. a DreamBoard?
A dreamboard is a collection of words and images of what you want to invite into your life; it can be done in any way with any thing. It can be simple or complicated. It's up to you.
Putting our intentions into tangible form helps both us and the Universe get really clear on what it is that we want. The Universe responds to what we put energy into. Let's put our energy into our dreams!
*** from Full Moon Dreamboards FAQ

And speaking of dreams, a link from the day job...

  An Awesome Book
You can read it online... And also read the Awesome Book of Thanks. :)

Dream Big.

Dreams of me, making art every day?
This is my Big Dream.
But it scares me...
and I don't do it.


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