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Productive Saturday
sat 22 jan 2011

Yay, I'm gettin' things done!

I started the day with my home network project. I honestly thought I would be able to plug in my new USB to Ethernet cable and have the new computer talking to the old/printer computer without any troubles. Sadly, the DSL install of last weekend erased all the LAN settings on the new computer.

Which scared me for about an hour. But after studying the settings on the old computer and applying them to the new computer, then much rebooting of both computers, and some unplugging and replugging of the LAN hub, a little bit of cussing and... *phew* the computers are chatting again! Yay!

So, I'm back in the good with postcard printing.

Next project of the day: Left Side Shelving. Not very exciting, but Complete, and I'm quite happy with the relative tidiness over there. Makes me eager to figure out a shelving situation for the (much more messy) Right Side of the room!

Okay. Along with the shelves project... I also need to do serious Spring Cleaning in my closet. Would be nice to GoodWill a bunch of my clothes.

Also. My books? gack. I hate to think about it. But I do have a lot of books that do not have to be kept.

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