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Not so fast
sat 15 jan 2011

Our new "high speed" DSL Internet connection is all connected. Just a few minor bumps in the install, but it was much easier than I thought it would be! Yay Internet!!

We do have the slowest DSL on the planet... even tho we live in the city, the house is too far away from a hub. Granted, it's much better than the dialup -- d/ling 1 meg in 15 seconds whereas dialup 1 meg took 4 minutes. We can't watch videos in real time.

But that's okay... it's easy to work around, since I'm not used to watching videos anyway!

Unfortunately, this morning I just realized a major problem!! I can't print my postcards!

The new printer is constantly running out of ink, so I've pretty much abandoned it and gone back to printing my postcards on the old reliable printer. The old printer is connected to my old computer, and I was transferring the postcard files from the new computer to the old computer through our home network. The home network is disabled now because I'm using the cables for our DSL modem.

So my two computers have no way to talk to each other any more!

*annoyed* It would be great if the new computer had two ethernet connectors, then I could have DSL and my home network. No such luck.

I guess I could put the old computer on the DSL, then, what? email myself the files?

Sheesh. Undoubtedly, there's an easy way to get home computers to network across the Internet. But my networking skills are not up to par! and Like I have time to do research when I have so much web surfing to do!

... hmm. wonders about a USB to ethernet cable conversion to get my home network back up... yep, looks like 10$ to 30$ on Amazon! yay!

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