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sun 9 jan 2011

oof! First week of the year: wow! :)

Yeah. It wasn't really a conscious decision, but this past week I have mostly stayed off the computer. And this weekend I have been a bit overwhelmed with everything I need to catch up with... I owe everyone a few emails, plus I missed a birthday! (so sorry!) But I did get some reading done, so that's kinda good.

If I decide to do that again... just shoot me, okay? Not really worth it!

Intermediate Copic Certification
*big eyes* YES!! I am mostly certified! :) The Intermediate Copic Certification on the 6th of January was a small class taught by Sherrie Siemens and Debbie Olson, and I was able to attend all but the last hour or so!

It was a basic art class, which did not require any drawing, but focused on colouring shadows (and all that is involved with that) and some design skills.

Having taken a few art classes, I already knew everything that was taught. But it's good to return to the basics every once in a while. Got me thinking about art again.

I installed my new Epson Perfection V300 Photo scanner. Yep. it's a scanner. I am not impressed. But. I'm not disappointed either. so: it's good!

If you have this scanner: do NOT use the "full auto mode"... the scans are horrendous! Go to "professional mode", unclick the "unsharp mask" and click the "backlight correction" at low. That'll be a good scan!

Journal Classes
I'm taking the free Visual Journal Strathmore Workshops. The first workshop (1st of 3), running during January, is focused on collage... which I am not a big fan of. But it's free, ya know?!

I'm actually waiting for the third workshop, which is also about collage, but will include sketching and artsy observing.

thing is: I didn't realize that the classes would be based on videos... and I'm still on dial-up. Not really working for me!

(waiting patiently for faster Internet. Maybe next weekend?)

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