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sun 2 jan 2011

Yep, spending money by the hundreds, and this is just the beginning!

*laughs*: I have a serious procrastination problem... which fortunately extends to buying things for myself. Thusly, it is past time that I got some stuff that will help me. Creatively and Otherwise.

  Starting with a new scanner. My old scanner did not make the transition to the new computer I got in Oct 2009. And I really need a scanner. Mostly for postcards. But it would be nice to scan in my art work as well. (just need to make some ART now!) :)

(and granted, the computer also needs a new track ball and a new graphics tablet. and the "new to me" printer isn't working out so well.) (sighs.)

  Next on the list: a faster Internet connection. The only thing I need a faster connection for is LaLooFah's website... she just cannot restrain her photos! ;)

  Keeping in mind my 48 book backlog... A Kindle reader is on the list of stuff to buy, but I'm going to procrastinate buying this. at least until I've got my new Internet connection, and hopefully a bit longer as well. Those super cheap Kindle books are really hard to avoid!

  So. I've got 2 computers, 2 printers and a flat bed scanner on the way... (all of which I use or will use on a regular basis)... and I ran out of space for these things about six months ago. I seriously need some industrial sized shelving!! I have researched and am researching, but I'm not sure about what I want. But! I do know I want to get organized soon! ha.

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