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Yay New Year
sat 1 jan 2011

Happy New Year Beautiful Peoples!

Every year I use my January 1st blog entry to review the past year and think about the next one.

My New Years Resolutions for 2010: Reinvigorate the Paper Journal (nope), Get Serious About Drawing (nope), Learn ASL (started, then nope), Re-Engage my Vegan Soul (not really), and Reduce the 28 Book Backlog (which is now at 48, big nope).


Other 2010 projects:

  I read 38 books and I kept on top of all my magazine subscriptions. (in 2009, I read 30 books)

  January, April, May, and November were all daily blog posting months. I typed 156 blog posts this year. (in 2009, I did 205 entries.) Also, I made the sunflower page design, my first website design in many years.

  I kind of adopted the   Snuggles Project Website and was the unofficial welcoming person there. I wasn't very active, but I visited the site about once a week or so, for most of the year. Also, I met AJ there and we have become good friends! *waves at AJ*

  As for actually crocheting... Not much got done. I am proud of the scarves that I made for myself and Significant Other. But only 2 Snuggle Blankets made (and not yet sent), and the two scarves I'm gifting did not get finished. bleh!

  I joined an art journal round robin and I made art in all five (or six?) of the journals and sent them on in mostly decent time. Unfortunately, not all the mailings in the group went well and I think only two players actually got their journal back. *sighs* Probably won't try anything like this again.

  My ongoing postcard project has gone well. I did take a six month break from PostCrossing, but I'm up to 216 postcards exchanged there (I was at 130 for 2009). And I've sent out my homemade postcards every month except december. My mailing list has grown considerably, and I've joined and thought about joining The Letter Exchange.

  I am quite disappointed at my Gardening efforts this year. Significant Other spent much time at our garden plot, but I just couldn't be bothered. And as a result of my inattention, we did not get many vegetables, only a few happy flowers, and we both thought about giving up our plot next year.


With all my resolutions as "failures" and the several disappointments in my other projects... 2010 feels kind of "eh". But that only means that 2011 will be so much better!

  Read like crazy!
  Try some Amigurumi crochet!
  Put real effort into the Garden plot!
  Create Create Create!

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