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thurs 30 dec 2010

Oh my gosh, I am so happy to be home!

And I have so much to do, and so much to chat about, this is just going to be a random post about many things!

First of all, I want to be excited about a web site I found yesterday...

  LOVE: Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation a vegan group, not very active, but I paged through some of the blog posts, and nodded-nodded at many of them. The thing that Totally excites me... a Vegan Pen Pals Project!!! Ha! Me and my vegan pen pals will be taking over the world soon!! YAY VEGAN!

  oops: I said I'd be doing a mailing from Denver International Airport because I spent a bit of time there... but it never happened! Oh well, you'll just get more mail in January, to make up for it. (Not on my mailing list? send me an email with your snail mail and a bit about you!)

  My Family Time in Iowa... I really missed my Grandma (who died this summer), and I kinda missed her house (which was torn down xmas week). Christmas just isn't the same without any grandparents, ya know? But I had a decent time, and got in some good sledding. And I'll probably do it all again next year. (Hopefully WITH the SO, who couldn't make it this year.)

  Got a couple books for xmas, and decided to make a neat and tidy list of all of my unread books. I'm up to 41 and just realized I missed the last half of the Thoreau journals (seven books), and I need to put in the 20$ per magazine Stampington rip-offs as well. (heh.)

  Oh! Also in my Internet wanderings: The Last Unicorn Art Contest oh my! I think I like the Unicorn handbag the best. And also the 3rd place Thematic "Amalthea" drawing at the bottom of the page. and the scratch board unicorn with the spider web. and. um. well. Okay. I love all the unicorns! :)

  Looking forward to the new year. Yeah, I'm kind of a sucker for new things, and I'm all over the Resolutions or Intentions thing. I've just realized that 2010 was kind of a non... year. A couple things happened. But I don't remember doing anything that I'm really proud of. You know? hmm. More on this in a couple days, in my annual January First blog post...

  And in the meantime, I've not unpacked. And I've not unloaded the photos off my camera. And Significant Other hasn't gotten any of his xmas presents. And I have a couple of xmas present snafus to deal with. And, who knows what all is going to happen this weekend!

So: Be Happy and Be Safe, Beautiful Peoples!!

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