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sun 19 dec 2010

I'm off-line for the next ten days or so, travelling to see my family over the holiday. You know: every year I tell myself that I will get things done in a timely manner so I don't have this last minute panic. But I always have this last minute panic.

oh well.

Randomness ensues:

  Learn Something Every Day a UK site that I learned about through my day job at the Copic Warehouse. Pretty interesting!

  I went to renew my subscription to the digital version of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction at FictionWise... and I couldn't because the "new" owner, B&N, sucks. *sighs* I really really miss the old Fictionwise, which was owned by real people instead of a corp. eh. I love my decrepit old Palm handheld, but Fictionwise was the only thing keeping me attached. Hello Kindle?

  Astronomy Picture of the Day Awesomeness: Aurora Over Alaska Wow.

  ah the Travel Journal. Yes, I need my bound book that I'm now writing in. But also some extra loose leaf papers, just in case... coloured papers and plain white. Pens? check! but, oh! I really need a couple of markers in my pen case as well. But they won't fit??? hm... oh, I guess I don't need four different black pens, do I? Okay, I think it all fits now...

pen case for travelling

yeah. Lots of Copic in there: Markers, Glitter pens, Muli-Liner SPs. I can't help it! ;) Also in the mix, a mechanical pencil and some Pilot pens.

  Will attempt to get some December mailings out, while I'm traveling. Did you read today's Sally Forth comic in the paper? heh: mailed before the 25th, and signed? Yay, it counts!

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