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copic markers
sat 11 dec 2010

My to-do list is extensive and I am completely overwhelmed with all I must do this weekend! My defense strategy is to ignore it all!!


Decided to re-arrange my copic markers. I'm not sure how many markers I have now. 80 or so, maybe? But only 72 fit into the canvas wallet that I really like. So, I "obtained" a second 72-Wallet. Working in the Copic Warehouse, it's one of those day job PERKS, ya know? ;)

Wallet 1 has blues, greens and purples.
Wallet 2 has browns, reds, yellows and oranges.

two wallets with copic markers!

oh boy! I only have 4 blue-violets? 4 yellows and 3 yellow-reds. And I have this insatiable need to own all the greens. *rolls eyes*

I just recently remembered how relaxing it is to colour something random with my copics. I know I should play with my markers more often...

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