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sun 5 dec 2010

Just felt like posting, but don't really have anything to say!

  A Supercell Thunderstorm Cloud Over Montana
  Moonrise Through Mauna Keas Shadow
Um, wow! for both of these photos. The Astronomy Picture of the Day is such a cool website!

  Lily Pond Eight Point Round Ripple Crochet Infant Afghan
Just look at the picture; that blanket is lovely! The blues and the greens, and what an interesting shape. :)

  Creative Every Day 2011
huh. Don't think I need a extra web site to keep track of, but the idea here is one I keep coming back to.

My excessive email inboxes finally got to me, and I've been whittling out some of my newsletters and such. I started the weekend with approximately 250 emails, and now I'm down to... (counting) 200. eeh, I thought I made more of a dent than that!

Oh well.

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