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Paper Journal Continued
sat 4 dec 2010

the new blank book

I have made an effort to transfer my daily typings from the blog to daily writings in my paper journal. And it has been working out quite well...

Writing in a bound book, seems to call for actual diary-type entries. oh my gosh -- it's a little bit like a "coming home" feeling.

In my last paper journal, I may have started out writing things and putting in little doodles and drawings and sticking extra stuff in. But the last many months, that journal was just lists. "what happened on mon - fri" lists and then "what I accomplished on the weekend" lists and also "what I am reading" lists.

Journal entries of paragraphs of writing are few and far between. It's just the lists, and amazon or Vegan Essentials invoices taped in.

I hadn't realized how much I missed just writing! Just Writing! with a different pen every day. It's amazing.

*Amazing* is a pretty strong word, but it fits perfectly! I am announcing my goal to write -- seriously write -- in my paper journal every day. Lists are allowed, as long as a written entry accompanies said list. Drawing and doodles are encouraged. (I feel them brewing. It's just a matter of time, I think.)

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