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Typewriter Update
mon 15 nov 2010

The three typewriters from my Grandma's estate have been sitting at the day job for a week... I had to make room for them in the tiny townhouse, which I did over the weekend and SO pushed things around some more today.

SO and I brought the three boxes home today, and I opened up the smallest box. Inside was the "mystery" typewriter, that I've never seen. And I am so delighted to have it...

Underwood No. 5

A quick GoodSearch, and I've discovered this particular model is only worth about 150$ because the company made millions of them. Ha! oh well.

It makes me so happy to look at it! It's really dusty and dirty. But it works! and the machine is open so it won't be too hard to clean. Maybe just a bunch of pipe cleaners to get between all the bars connected to the keys and letters. A new ribbon and I'll be typing away!!

Here are a few links that I need to read...
  The Classic Typewriter Page FAQ Great page with links on repair and ribbons and finding the serial number! Underwood No. 5, and the index for The Classic Typewriter Page

I'm looking forward to opening up the other boxes. I think they are both electric, an older one and a modern typewriter.

It would be nice to have a place to put them tho. Guess I'll be looking to buy a desk or something next!

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