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House Plants
sun 14 nov 2010

My home remedy of vitamins and whiskey really did work! I'm feeling fine today! I think I'll continue the treatment!

Cause blogging is just funner when youre drunk

:) We shall call it the Blitzed Blogging Series. *laughing* (it's one of the groups I've joined over at National Blog Posting Month.)

This afternoon, I brought my two large house plants back indoors. They have really been complaining about the chilly nights, but, as you know, I've been on a procrastination binge.

The umbrella plant seems fine... Actually it needs to be cut up and re-planted into three or four different pots!

The ficus is losing leaves tho. I'm sure it will survive, it's a very tough plant!

Actually, all my house plants are pretty tough. They have to be, because I am not very consistent about watering!

My house plant menagerie includes:
  two pots of my Grandma's African Violets with magenta flowers
  Chinese Evergreen, a house-warming gift from my parents when we moved here
  a bit of Philodendron, from my job in Phoenix
  Two pots of the Spider plant which I have "killed" many times over... this one is the toughest of the tough!!
  Nerve plant, my favorite, a birthday gift from SO... needs a LOT of water and it wilts to the verge of death about every other month or so.
  And currently trying to make an avocado pit grow

I just love the green growing things.

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