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tuesday photo
tues 16 nov 2010

Going through some of my photos from earlier this year to find something bright and cheerful...

cherry tomatoes

And yes, I have a "thing" for taking pictures of cherry tomatoes! It's something about the roundness, and the water drops, and the green, and the different stages of development...

It was when I was crouching in the mud, taking photos of cherry tomatoes when I had a revelation: I love photography! ha... so cherry tomatoes have a special place in my heart, ya know?! :)

looking though my archives from the past few months, I also found a photo of the twin fawns. They still had their spots on 14 sept. But it made me sad, since only one is alive now.

and then I had a day at work where I started photographing everyone standing next to the chair where warehouse kitty BeBe was sleeping. *laughing* I wish I took pics of everyone in the warehouse before she moved.

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