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Celebrating Gramma
sun 25 july 2010

My Grandma died on Friday. I would like to share a couple random stories here...

pot o leaves

I'll start with something close to me... This is my Pot O' Leaves! Blooming like crazy, as you can see, which makes me very happy.

Grandma had a way with plants. I'm not sure when she started with the African Violets, but I think she has several different varieties. Always blooming when I visited at Christmas time!

My Mom brought me a little pot of African Violet from Gramma a few years ago. I broke a couple of leaves as I was transplanting it, so I set them up in the original pot. And what do I get? a pot of leaves.

The main plant just got done blooming, it probably had about 30 blooms on it at once. But the Pot O' Leaves... This is the first time it's bloomed, but the blooms keep on coming!

The other variety at Gramma's house has white flowers with a purple trim? I will have to ask about it.

gram, xmas 2009

My Gramma, just after she opened my xmas present to her: the blue scarf. Yep, I made that.

My Gramma is an artist, and she enjoyed oil painting. She always encouraged me in my own art. I've never been comfortable with a brush, and don't even bother me with oil painting (so very non-environmental!)... but there's no denying that I have a modicom of talent.

I took the art classes in high school, but since then it's difficult to find motivation. I am always pretending to try to get back to drawing and art, I never do tho!

When I was a kid, my parents dropped me and my brother off in Iowa for a month or so in the Summer. We divided our time between my dad's parents and my mom's parents.

I remember when my mom's parents got a golf cart! My brother and I and my cousin, B took turns driving it, pushing it as fast as it would go. I enjoyed standing on the back, hanging on with my hands. A "wind in my hair" time! Great fun.

At my dad's parents, I remember canning time. insane! why would anyone want to do this?! heh. And eating watermelon on the front lawn.

Gramma played a part in World War 2. There was a prisoner of war camp in Clarinda, and she was secretary to the general. Gram talked about the German prisoners... I'm not sure if there were any non-white (Japanese) prisoners.

The German prisoners were treated so well by the community that many of them decided to immigrate to Clarinda after the war. Gramma didn't tell any war stories... these prisoners were just people. ya know?

Gramma was a very social person. Pretty much the opposite of me! She thinks people are Wonderful! While I like to avoid people at all costs! heh.

one of those "we agree to disagree" points. :)

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