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fri 16 july 2010

I know! I've been home from vacation for a Week, and still no vacation photos have been uploaded!

It's kind of like I am savoring them. I open up Paint Shop Pro, and I look at all my hundreds of photos and I am happy. And I think about the story with this photo, and the story with that photo, and this one could be a postcard, oh, and that one too!

And I know that once I get my vacation blog entries written, I won't go through my photos anymore. Making the blog entry, kind of "finishes" the vacation, ya know?

Plus, hundreds of photos are a little bit overwhelming!

*laughs* I know, I should just start!

But there are so many other things to think about as well. Mostly "thank you" cards to all the major players in the vacation. I like to procrastinate those.

And now I'm all gung-ho about postcards again. (well, like I ever wasn't?) I've re-activated my PostCrossing account, and I've got a little bit of action from the GoodReads group I joined, plus the new account at

Everyone should have rcvd my June postcard by now. (Except for the new people!) So here it is!

crow on the fence

I took this photo in April, just outside our community garden. I love crows and I wish I could get their photo more often!!

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