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sun 11 july 2010

Garden? When I have hundreds of vacation photos that are just screaming to be uploaded? Yes. Garden. It's what I'm thinking about today, thusly it's what I'm going to type about today!

We got new plants at yesterday's Saturday Market and went down to plant them this morning. I was happy that there were a few survivors remaining in the garden...

Two of our four cherry tomato plants lived... one had a tiny ripe tomato on it. Significant Other ate it happily!

One of SO's pepper plants is still living. Not sure it it's a Jalapeno or a Cayenne Pepper, but it's not grown much at all since we planted it beginning of May.

Collard?  Or What?

And the two "mystery" plants have flourished. I suppose they are some kind of collard? I have no clue! The leaves seem pretty tough. Anyone able to enlighten me? Please? TIA!

Okay. Today we planted two more cherry tomato plants, two new cucumber plants, one baby watermelon (reportedly tough to grow), and six new basil plants.

I have high hopes for the cucumbers, since we got several cucumbers out of the garden plot last year. I don't really care about the watermelon plant... it'll die, but in the meantime, I just love the leaves on the plant! ha.

And the basil? sighs *shaking head* Basil plants do not live in our plot. I've planted seeds and I've planted little plants. They all die immediately! And yet I keep trying.

I have this love for fresh pesto. And hope springs eternal! :)

the first tiny tomato!

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