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sun 30 may 2010

The happy weekend continues... with some reading! a few chores. a trip to the garden to plant things we got at Saturday Market...

please grow now

The Significant Other found a couple more cherry tomato plants. and I found some watermelon plants!!!

They are called "Sugar Baby Watermelons"... and if they live happily they will make little baby watermelons that are 8 to 12 pounds! Now, one of my friends at the day job had said that watermelons were hard to grow here. But I have a tiny light of hope in my soul! :)

The hope is very tiny, especially taking into account that all the basils and cilantros I planted are dead and gone. *sighs* *big sighs*

But the cherry tomato plants are happily blooming, and the strawberries are still alive under their pretty but weedly neighbors. And the cucumber plants are alive, even if they aren't really doing anything.

And just imagine, that little watermelon plant growing bigger and bigger. Those lovely leaves! Aren't they great with all those long indentions... it looks like a doodle drawing came to life!

And Then! When the plant is big and sprawling all over the place, it will have flowers and then make little watermelons! Little watermelons! Imagine that day! When you get to eat one! wow.


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