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mon 31 may 2010

The long weekend provides so much freedom. It makes me wish I could live off a part-time job! :)

So. I have read an entire book ( Like Water For Chocolate, mainstream fiction, it was okay), and started on the next (Carmen Dog, modern fable/satire, it might be okay).

It has been a very long time since I have let myself have that much reading time! So nice.

And then I let myself have some colouring time...

Discovered a site this weekend with some free colouring pages that I absolutely love. There are a lot of free colouring pages out there; believe me, I've googled. But... none have any appeal for me.

But this one... oh my! If I ever doodled, this is how I want all my doodles to look!

I suspected, that the free colouring pages offered here would be brilliant for some Copic Sketch marker practice. And I was so right! Lots of smaller areas to colour: not only can I use many of my (not quite 72) different colours, but I also get practice in with the brush nib... *big eyes* which I apparently need!

:) (brush nib: good!)

So. You may remember at the beginning of May, I wanted May to be a month of drawing. *looks down* yeah, I didn't draw a single thing.

I guess I am a blocked artist.

So! I am going to work on colouring these Doodle pages for a while.

and then maybe I will be able to do a couple of my own doodles.

and then I don't know. It would be nice to have art in my life every day. But that's a pretty big deal, considering all my other hobbies!

(yep. it's a pig. "oink." and I used my R01 "pinkish vanilla"! yay!)

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