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at the Copic Warehouse
sat 29 may 2010

*happy long weekend* odds and ends today: Some Crocheting! Some Internet Surfing! Some Saturday Market! And some Divine Cupcakes!! Yay!

But today I want to type about my most recent Copic purchase... a 72pc Wallet to hold my markers!!

Copic has had a black nylon wallet that holds 24 Copic or Sketch or Ciao markers for a long time. And we used to have a 36pc Wallet as well. But then we finally got our act together and designed this 72pc Wallet.

We started taking orders for the Copic 72pc Wallets at the end of January at the CHA trade show. People have been waiting a very long time for these things! They finally arrived at the Copic Warehouse on Thursday evening. (along with a new 36pc Wallet.) And we started shipping them out on Friday.

But, of course, I had to buy my own wallet first!!!

my Sketch markers

Unfortunately, I don't yet own 72 markers... so there are a few holes in my wallet! ah well, just a matter of time, right?! (and anyway, there are 334 colours of Sketch markers... I have a long way to go!) *grins*

As you can see, I also filled out a colour chart. You can get your own here: Copic, Blank Hand Color Chart. (You should print it on the paper you usually draw on.)

Filling out my colour chart, I realized I need more blues.

And also, I should draw more. I remember buying R01 "Pinkish Vanilla" because I imagined drawing pigs and using this colour!

Yeah, I have not drawn any pigs lately! *sighs*

I Should Draw!

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