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tues 4 may 2010

We've been talking about tattoos at work here in the past week or so. A couple of the girls are thinking about getting one.

Many of the women at my day job have tattoos. I asked one of the guys I work with if he had any. He said no and I wondered out loud if tattoos was a woman thing. He answered no... He wants to get a "sleeve" he just hasn't found the right art yet. (and most of his guy friends have tattoos too.)

E. wants a simple little cross on her foot. She's reluctant because most places have a 50 or 75$ minimum and she doesn't want to pay that much for "two little lines." ha.

Her sister, A. already has a pretty large tattoo on her back of a bird. I got to peak at it today, like a dove. She wants another one... on the back of her shoulder, a dandelion in seed with the seeds blowing off around her shoulder. I love dandelions, so of course I thought that would be awesome!

I think about getting a tattoo. But I have trouble narrowing down a topic, let alone a single graphic! Also, I'd want to do the drawing myself... and I have never draw something so great that I'd want it permanently on my skin! :)

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