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wed 5 may 2010

I don't collect stamps, but I love buying new stamps. Of course, I buy them to use them, and I like sending out snail mail as well!

cats and dogs

The stamps I ordered over the weekend arrived today. Yay. I got the new Animal Rescue stamps:

and the new Abstract Expressionists stamps:

Yay Art

These are all okay, but my current favorite stamps are the Kelp Forest ones!!

Isn't this the coolest stamp sheet?!

The real reason I had to go on a stamp buying spree: I ran out of postcard stamps. You know what the problem is with postcard stamps? There's only one.

With regular, first class 44¢ mail, you've got several different choices of stamp art. Heck a couple handfuls of art to choose from! But there is only one 28¢ postcard stamp design.

And if you're sending a postcard out of the US, there is only one 98¢ International stamp, and there is only one 75¢ stamp for Canada.

What kind of foolishness is that?
How about some variety, postal people?

You can find out more about the stamps above here:
  Animal Rescue: A Cause Worth Adopting
  Abstract Expressionists: Embracing the Intuitive
  Nature of America: Kelp Forest
  An Accidental Series (the polar bear is the postcard stamp, but I love the artwork on all these stamps!)

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