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mon 3 may 2010


This is a snail who was hibernating on top of the plastic tarp we've got over our community garden plot.

When we visited the garden on Saturday (the first we'd been in several weeks), the tarps needed to be re-arranged. SO picked one tarp up and a little field mouse went flying out the other end!

Ha. poor thing. Hope he wasn't planning on a permanent home underneath our tarps!

I looked around, and found mouse chew holes in the one tarp. Can't be healthy, but the little ones invariably like to chew on plastic.

Boo is terrible about plastic; plastic bags, the coroplast siding in her home, even my plastic string (aka acrylic yarn) gets chewed upon if I leave it on the floor!

nobody understands that plastic is poison! 'Course the dumb humans keep throwing it down.

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