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sun 2 may 2010

oof, what a weekend! I got so much stuff done on saturday -- errands, chores, computer stuff, garden, etc. -- that I really wanted to relax on sunday. But this morning, the Significant Other dragged me out of the house, kicking and screaming, to visit the garden again.

I'm glad we got more done out there. But my back is aching. And I'm a little bit grumpy about my weekend being mostly done. And there's still chores that'll have to wait for next weekend! ugh!

heh. No rest for the weary, right?

Our garden plot, as usual, is not the perfection illustrated by our plot neighbors, who have no weeds and straight rows of planted things and raised beds and such.

Honestly? Straight rows annoy the heck out of me... how about some spirals, gardeners?? or some starburst shapes??

Parallel and straight rows are just so horrificly BORING!

Okay. I suppose that is the artist in me. The artist who has not been drawing at all even tho we dedicated the month of may to drawing. *shakes head* Those artists, so undependable!

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