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sat 1 may 2010

National Blog Posting Month

As I was cleaning up my NaBloPoMo page, getting rid of the april entries, I happened to notice my very first National Blog Posting Month. November 2008. I also did a Drawing Month at the same time. How in the world did I have time for all that?!

Anyway. I was looking at the pictures I made... they are all at the bottom of this page: Static8, Nov 2008.

I took an index card and drew something every day. They are mostly pencil drawings, I coloured them with my Prismacolor Art Stix. A couple are coloured with random markers (this was pre-Copic days!).

I would really like to do that again. Make art everyday. ya know? Drawings.

It's just...

man, I hate to draw!

laughs. It's just one of those things. I have a little bit of "talent"... I can draw what I see and it usually comes out okay.

(this is not so much "talent", thus the quote marks. I have had a couple of art classes. There are some annoying people out there who have a natural talent for drawing. But drawing is a skill that can be learned!) (and yes, this is a bit of a soapbox!!) :)

If I practice my drawing, I know I will get better.

It's just so difficult to sit down and actually do the work.

So I would really, really like to dedicate this month as a month of drawing. Get out those index cards again! Dust off the Prismacolors! You spent a lot of money on those Copic markers, would it kill you to use them now and then?! :)

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