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Guinea Pig Friday
fri 30 apr 2010

I have so many errands to do this weekend, I really want to be like Boo the homebody!

Homebody in her home


And I just realized that Boo is going to be 5 years old this summer. Which is starting to be "old age" for guinea pigs. (Especially inbred gps of Boo's type.)

My first guinea pig was Adric, and I think he died right after his 5th birthday. But Tegan lived past her 6th birthday.

I was pretty confident of both Adric and Tegan's birthdays, because I became their caretaker when they were still growing up. But Boo came to me as an adult, and her and Twitch's intake papers at the humane society were filled out by two different people and said two different things. So who knows when her actual birthday is... month or even year is not clear!

But this June, I'm going to pretend she's five years old. :) She's still healthy. She can still see. She's a little bit set in her homebody ways, like any old codger. heh, but that's okay. :D

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