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thurs 1 apr 2010

National Blog Posting Month

I got a lot done in the couple months that I have not been blogging. But my productivity has dropped off in the last couple weeks... I keep saying I'm going to do such-and-such, but then I never get around to doing the such-and-such. It's really starting to annoy me!

So I'm going to do the daily blogging again for a month. Having to work on one thing, every day no matter what, seems to get me organized for doing other creative things as well!

And you may have noticed the major change here. I whipped up this sunflower design back in january, then never bothered to finish up with all those semi-important little details. Like a side bar. And cute little subject divider graphics. And an RSS feed. And links to the archives. And, and, and!

These things will be appearing randomly, over the weekend. :)

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