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sat 20 mar 2010

I have been super busy with a bunch of completely random projects. Totally having fun... but without my usual bragging, here at Static8, my life feels so empty! *laughs*

Okay. I've been working on so many different things, and I don't want to bunch them up into one blog post. I've been working on postcards today, so that's what I'm going to type about today!

FYI: I make my own postcards and I send them out in a monthly exchange! My postcards are usually a photo I have taken. I print them up with my desktop publishing software.

my january postcard:

sunflower postcard

This was a photo from last year's Community garden. January is dreary, and I felt the need for some brightness.

and the february postcard, which actually got sent out at the beginning of march. (I just didn't have a decent photo, okay?!)


The march postcard; you don't get to see because I haven't mailed them and I want to keep them a surprise!

I had major printing problems *grinding teeth, arg*... My old but wonderful printer does not play at all with my new computer Sheep. So I've got the printer hooked up to the old computer Tiny. I make my files on Sheep then move them over the home network to Tiny and then print from there.

The reason I put up with this crap (and don't just buy a new printer that will work with Sheep), is that my old printer is the most wonderful thing in the world. It will print on anything without a complaint, never jams. And most importantly, I print A LOT! but replace the inks less than every six months.

Printer ink is expensive, but I don't even care when I am spending only about 100$ in a year!

But anyway, back to my recent printing problems. The printing computer Tiny was crashing after printing about two pages. And, for some annoying reason, the print job would stop as well. right in the middle of the stupid page, it would just stop printing! bah, wasting my paper and my ink and my time!

sighs. I still love my old printer. But a new printer, is looking a bit inviting, at this point!

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