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Guinea Pig Friday
fri 2 apr 2010

Boo the guinea pig

This is my friend, Boo the guinea pig in her house.

It's been just over six months since her friend, Twitch, died. Boo was very depressed for about a month, but we're okay now. We've fallen into a good, happy routine.

Boo gets a special breakfast every morning. Tangerines, carrot slices and maybe one other random treat from the fridge. And of course, I make sure she's good on timothy hay and kibble. I spend time with her every morning, no matter what!

SO looks in on her during the day, maybe bringing her a treat. When I get home from work, yep, more treats! Usually celery, fed by SO with me smiling on.

Then, in the evening, I let Boo out and she runs around on the floor. Sometimes she gets a really good workout... running laps. Other times, she wants to go right back into her house. I try to encourage her to have a little bit of fun, but sometimes there is no talking to her.

That's just the way she is. heck, that's just the way _I_ am sometimes! (well, okay: most the time!) ;)

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