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sat 23 jan 2010

Thanks to an email from Linda (*waves*), I got inspired to finish up a  Snuggle blanket that I had started last year:

Guinea Pig Boo on a small crocheted Snuggle blanket

I had been so stressed out this past week, and going to bed early every night... I really wanted to get something accomplished this weekend. And when Linda reminded me about the Snuggles Project, I also remembered I just had a few rows to finish up this blanket.

This one is 20x22inches, crocheted with three strings: two "Eco Cotton" white and one "Red Heart Super Saver tri-colour" called Ocean. The colour is messed up in the photo; the three colours are a pastel blue, pastel purple and aqua... it totally delighted me, but I only had one roll and I haven't seen it in the stores since. So, when I ran out of Ocean string, I finished off the blanket.

I will say that crocheting with three strings... sucks! I will never do that again. They were constantly getting tangled up and I threw my project across the room a couple times!

Now I'm wondering what my next crochet project will be. I have newsletters delivered to my email that have free patterns... but nothing has really caught my attention. Yet.

Linda is awesome, she loves rats and crocheting!
Linda at Ratpunzel :)

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