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Tuesday 11 April 00

We're going with a pond theme here. First the Dragonfly and now some Waterlilies. I wish I had some little frogs to add. :)

This design is more graphics heavy than my others, the entire page is right at 80k. The design is browser compatible and monitor compatible, which includes WebTV users. And, as usual, the photos are from a graphics pack I bought from Serif, Inc. I manipulate all my graphics with Paint Shop Pro 5, and write my html by hand in NoteTab Professional.

My pride and joy of this particular set is the background over there on the left. That's a regular photo which I made into a damn fine seamless tile. I did this by hand using only a cut and paste, a little motion blur over the seam and my paint brush to clean it up. I bet you can't tell where the seam is!

And by the way, both this design and the aforementioned Dragonfly design have text on top of graphics. In Dragonfly, I put the date on top of the opening "Cheri's Static" graphic. In this one, I put my links on top of a graphic down at the bottom of the page. This was not accomplished using CSS or Layers. It's a one-cell table with the graphic set as the background. I set the position of the text with a couple of transparent gifs. I have never seen this technique used before and I really feel quite brilliant for coming up with it. :)

Today's White Noise
This design took approximately 8 hours to complete.

Today's Quote
My work is a game, a very serious game.
-- M. C. Escher

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