"Dragonfly" Design Showcase

1 April 2000

I just felt like doing something different. The dragonfly pic is from a graphics pack I bought from Serif, Inc. (This company no longer offers stock photos, but they do have a great, competitive desktop publishing program) I manipulated all my graphics with Paint Shop Pro 5, and wrote my html by hand with NoteTab Professional.

I've kept my self-imposed rules of browser compatability as well as monitor compatability. This means that this page looks the same with Netscape and IE, and is viewable from 640x480 resolution on up. WebTV users will have the evil horizontal scroll, tho.

I was not so worried about load time for this design. But I actually didn't do too bad... The opening graphic is 23k, and the entire pages consists of around 55k. It's about a 17 second load on my slow dial-up connection. Not bad, considering I've got plenty of content to browse through while the graphics take their time.

Today's White Noise
I worked on and finished this design in 6.5 hours straight.

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