rift's Unicorn Poem

graphic: copyright 2002 and all rights reserved by rift


I saw a unicorn
         the other day.
Just a fleeting glimpse,
         before it faded away.

That healing creature,
         I thought I'd never see;
Because of all the damage
         That's been done to me.

Her mane was flying,
         As if in a wind;
And she looked right at me,
         Despite all my sins.

She faded away,
         And then she was gone.
But she left me a gift:
         In my soul, there's a song.

It's a song about hope.
         It's a song about living.
It's about a hope that comes true.
         And that's just the beginning.

For the search is on, my friends,
         To find a unicorn once more;
Searching through this life, 'til its end,
         And then: Death is but a door.

copyright © 1997 by Cheri -rift- Meier


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Copyright © 1997 by Cheri -rift- Meier

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