Unicorn Poem Copyright

Rift's Unicorn Poem is now licensed under a "Some Rights Reserved" Creative Commons license.

This has been a huge step for me, both as an artist and as a web master. The feelings involved are quite contrary: It's a letting go, and it's also an attempt at protecting myself and my poem.

What does it all mean? Well, you can click the link to my license at the bottom of the poem. That's the short and sweet, official version. And from there you can click the link at the bottom to read the lawyer-talk version.

But what it boils down to is: you can copy and paste the unicorn poem, where ever you want, as long as you keep my copyright with it and provide a link back to my web page. And you can do this without my permission, as long as you are not making money off my poem.

If you wish to make derivative works from my poem, you must email me and ask permission. If you are polite, I will probably say go ahead. In fact, I've already given one re-print permission and one derivative work permission.

The license applies only to the Unicorn poem. All the other stuff here is copyrighted with all rights reserved. Especially the unicorn graphic, which I made and is my personal avatar.

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Cheri -rift- Meier
15 August 2004

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