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North Georgia Travel Log

         I'm back. Yea! So, care to find out what all I did while I was gone? I had a pretty busy extra long weekend with my parents, traveling all around north east Georgia. So busy, in fact, that I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation! Well, anyway... I took some half way decent pictures of some of the places we visited, and I am here to share! (Please be patient, it will take a bit to load the pics.)

Me and my parents on a hike On Saturday, my parents and I went to Amicalola Falls State Park. Here we are at the beginning of our three mile hike. That's me on the left, my dad, Ken and my mom, Suzie. Aren't we cute?!

Amicalola Falls Here's a pretty picture of some of the waterfall at Amicalola. The entire waterfall is 729 feet, and is the highest in Georgia. And it's kind of hard work hiking all the way to the top!

Dad with Copenhaugen and Corinna On Sunday, we went horseback riding! We went for a one hour trail ride in the Georgia hills. And even my mom enjoyed herself! Here's my dad with his horse, Copenhaugen. My mom's horse, Corinna, is the horse behind them.

Me and Bamma And here I am riding Bamma. Otherwise known as Killer. heh. Actually he was quite a nice horse. The trail ride really left me itching for more... So perhaps I will be looking for some place local to rent a horse...

Also on Sunday, we toured a gold mine in Dahlonega, Georgia. That was pretty fun especially since there is still gold there. We got to pan for gold and we each got a couple of tiny little flakes of gold out of our pans! Wow! Worth about 50 cents, but hey! :)

Watson Mill Bridge On Monday we drove around the Athens area and looked at some covered bridges. This one is called Watson Mill Bridge, and is the longest covered bridge in Georgia. It was pretty neat with the dam and the waterfalls and all.

On Tuesday we toured an old mansion here in Athens, the Taylor Grady house. That was interesting, but not interesting enough to take a picture of. :) Then also, we went to the Georgia Museum of Art. I love looking at art, so of course that was exciting.

And today is Wednesday. My parents left this morning, and I am glad to have my small apartment back to myself!!

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