September 1999


8 September 1999 ::: Travel Log :::
         I'm back. Yea! So, care to find out what all I did while I was gone? I had a pretty busy extra long weekend with my parents, traveling all around north east Georgia. So busy, in fact, that I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation! Well, anyway... I took some half way decent pictures of some of the places we visited, and I am here to share! (Please be patient, it will take a bit to load the pics.)

Me and my parents on a hike On Saturday, my parents and I went to Amicalola Falls State Park. Here we are at the beginning of our three mile hike. That's me on the left, my dad, Ken and my mom, Suzie. Aren't we cute?!

Amicalola Falls Here's a pretty picture of some of the waterfall at Amicalola. The entire waterfall is 729 feet, and is the highest in Georgia. And it's kind of hard work hiking all the way to the top!

Dad with Copenhaugen and Corinna On Sunday, we went horseback riding! We went for a one hour trail ride in the Georgia hills. And even my mom enjoyed herself! Here's my dad with his horse, Copenhaugen. My mom's horse, Corinna, is the horse behind them.

Me and Bamma And here I am riding Bamma. Otherwise known as Killer. heh. Actually he was quite a nice horse. The trail ride really left me itching for more... So perhaps I will be looking for some place local to rent a horse...

Also on Sunday, we toured a gold mine in Dahlonega, Georgia. That was pretty fun especially since there is still gold there. We got to pan for gold and we each got a couple of tiny little flakes of gold out of our pans! Wow! Worth about 50 cents, but hey! :)

Watson Mill Bridge On Monday we drove around the Athens area and looked at some covered bridges. This one is called Watson Mill Bridge, and is the longest covered bridge in Georgia. It was pretty neat with the dam and the waterfalls and all.

On Tuesday we toured an old mansion here in Athens, the Taylor Grady house. That was interesting, but not interesting enough to take a picture of. :) Then also, we went to the Georgia Museum of Art. I love looking at art, so of course that was exciting.

And today is Wednesday. My parents left this morning, and I am glad to have my small apartment back to myself!!


10 September 1999 ::: In the Future :::
Just a warning, people. There are some pretty major changes on the way here, it's just a matter of finding time to implement...

  • I just got a new free website from CrossWinds. My site at Netscape is listed in several search engines, so I can't take it down even tho it is difficult to maintain. This page is on the space provided by my ISP and is not permanent, so I will probably be moving it to the CrossWinds site. The CrossWinds home site will have no pop-up ads and no page ads either, plus they provide free pop3 email. This makes me happy.

  • My new site design is still being worked on. The theme is Ivy. As in English Ivy, the plant. :) This will be my first "real" design, and I want it perfect, you know.

  • I will be taking down the "MindIt" code at the bottom of this page. MindIt says it checks the site once a day, however the timing is not terribly consistant, and on occassion I have put up the next entry before MindIt caught the previous one. So, as a replacement for MindIt, I will be adding a Notify List. It will probably just be an announcement type email thing... Tho, we will have "discussion" capabilities.

  • I have had thoughts about having a creative writing type of journal, separate from this one. I have done this in the past, on paper, and it is fascinating to look back through those pages. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I have the time or the inspiration to keep this kind of journal in addition to my regular journals. But it's a thought, if anyone has any comments on a creative writing journal, I would love to hear from you... I think it would be great to have some colaborations.

  • My new email addy: (No longer in use)


19 September 1999 ::: Site Announcement :::
         Hi people! Lots of great changes around here. There is a new site design. (Visit the showcase page.) I've also added a new section called "Current Influences". The current journal page is now on a new server, hosted by CrossWinds. (I've since closed down my CW account) There is a Notify List (no longer in use) to let you know through email when I have updated this site.

         I will be maintaining the old site for a while in some fashion, just in case. So, keep your bookmarks, but be sure to add this one to them!


21 September 1999 ::: Monitors to Careers :::
         So I come home from work today, sit down to my computer, and find out my monitor is almost dead. True, it's been dying for a while now. The picture keeps getting darker and darker. I had the brightness knob turned all the way up. And then I had the gamma correction turned all the way up. And now I am hand adjusting the color controls on my video card software to make things just a little bit brighter. Because, trust me, that beautiful green bar you see on the right? It just doesn't look good as black, alright?!

         But now, again, I have to consider buying a new monitor. And so I go look at monitor prices over at and I am pleasently surprised that they were not as expensive as I assumed the were. So, I could actually go to my Best Buy store and come home with a nice monitor. But then there's that evil money issue... I seem to be in the hole a bit this year. And, oh, gods, Christmas is not so far away and that is getting more expensive every year too. ack.

         I am thinking about sending off for one of those "get rich quick" schemes. :)

         And now... the whole money situation has got me thinking about what my next "career" move is going to be. I am getting tired of these low paying, manual labor jobs. But, as usual I have absolutely no direction. I happened to read a blurb in the netscape newsletter about one of those career guides where you answer a bunch of questions and it lists some jobs for you at the end. hm. Very interesting. Very.

         My 100% compatable job is... drum roll please... Visual Artist. And the number two job at 99% is Writer and Editor. Ha. This amuses me. I could only Wish for those kinds of jobs. But I would probably love my life too much and then everything would self destruct. Well anyway. The rest of the list was silly stuff... My top ten list of careers And I'm sure you want to find out the career perfect for you as well. Decision Guides, (site went down) page down to careers, but there's lots of other decisions you can play with.


22 September 1999 ::: Ghosts, Gods, UFOs :::
I am feeling rather random today. Here ya go:
  • I believe in ghosts. Then again, I have been hallucinating ever since I was a small child. My mom told me that I told her of a ghost in my room. I was six or seven, we lived in an ancient stone house in an English village. The fire place in my upstairs room had been boarded up, and that's were the ghost lived. I don't remember that. But on the other side of the room was the stairs up to the attic which was the kid's play room where we had all the toys and played. I do remember a lady in white standing there, next to the door. I don't ever remember being scared.
  • I don't believe in a god. I believe that I am the god of my own universe and forever ends when I die. shrug. I think that evolution is founded in chaos, not in some silly god-thing. After-life: Wait and see attitude.
  • UFOs. Yep. And not all of them are government experiments, either. Hell, the aliens probably came here ages ago, decided humans were all f*ckups and now earth is just a side-show for bored aliens.
  • I'm addicted to the Internet. That's the first step, right? Admitting your addiction? We'll skip the rest of the steps, okay... I kind of like my internet addiction.
  • Um. That's about it for today...


25 September 1999 ::: My Companion Animals :::
         Have you ever had a companion animal? My little animal friends are very important to me. They keep me responsible, you know? I can't just get up and leave (in any form), I have to make sure my dependants are taken care of.

         It all started when I was 10 years old. Mittens the kitten arrived on the scene. Kittens are always fun, and usually getting into trouble... Mittens got her leg caught and broke her hip. She had to spend most of her kitten-hood in a cardboard box, since the vet told us to confine her to heal. Mittens loved to eat holes in her cardboard boxes. She survived the box ordeal and I got to grow up with her making me into some kind of cat person.

         I must have been close to a teenager when I got my own pets. Mice. I love mice, and rats too. I just think they are the coolest little creatures. My first mice were Ta and Ty. Both were female, but Ta was pregnant when I got her. I sold the litter back to the pet store, and kept little Spottella. All these mice were white with black spots. So very cute.

         When those three died, I got little Snip. She was all black with a white stripe going from her forehead, around her nose, then all the way down her tummy. She was a little fat socialite. I even have a picture of my grandma holding her! :)

         When I was 18 or there-abouts, I got Freefall. She was a white rat. Freefall was... not very rat-like... in fact, I might go so far as to say that Freefall was mostly psychotic. But that's okay, I loved her anyway. You couldn't pick up Freefall, she would bite... Which is _very_ unusual for rats who are usually playful and social around their human friends. Freefall followed me to college, and hid in the dorm rooms... We were not allowed any pets in the dorms, but we could have fish, so her new name became Freefall the Flying Fish. I made my roommates nervous, since I always left Freefall's cage open, so that she could come and go as she pleased. She never went any farther than the closet tho, even with the doors open most the time.

         Freefall died suddenly and I was very sad. I did not get another companion animal for a long time. In January 1996 I got a little baby guinea pig and called him Adric. He has been with me ever since.


27 September 1999 ::: Guy and Girl :::
         Sometimes the contrasts in my life surprise even me. Like today for instance. This morning I was doing guy things, this afternoon I am doing, eewww, girl things...

         My man-ly morning: After the usual work stuff was done, business was unusually slow, so I went back in the kennels to fix stuff. I got to play with plyers and wire and wire cutters and solder and a blow torch. Well. okay. They didn't actually let me play with the blow torch. But I would have have had lots of fun with it. "You know that evil mean dog that bit cheri the other day? um. Why is it on fire?" heh.

         And my eeww girl afternoon. I went shopping. ick. But I did find what I wanted. And then as a reward I bought a mocha and a cookie. A real mocha, not the "fake" stuff I usually drink. And it had caffeine. Lots. Can we say "WHHEEE!"? :) And when I got home I took a very girl-ish shower, with this weird body care stuff that my Mary Kay Mom got for me. hehe. And now I have lit one of my smelly candles and have Sarah McLachlan and No Doubt on repeat on my mp3 player.

         I hope I can break out of this silly girl thing soon or I will totally destroy my neuter reputation.


28 September 1999 ::: Old Patterns :::
         So it seems my Summer of Creativity is over. How sad. I knew it was so when it took me several months to create this lovely green leafy thing you see before you. I have no web designs, burning to be let out of my head. No graphics to play with, no html to re-arrange. I have no random photos calling to me to touch up. I have even been ignoring my dreams, and I usually can't wait to get them down on paper. It's all so very depressing. And my dreams are steadily getting more disturbing.

         I find myself retreating into old patterns. Old, as in ten years ago old, when I was in high school without any real friends. Those days I entertained myself with books and movies and Nintendo games. And here I am again, reading a book of fiction, watching movies I have seen dozens of times, and putting my name again on the scoreboard of computer pinball.

         My life is not empty, by any stretch. Unfulfilled is perhaps the word I am looking for. "If only..." I say to myself, but I can't finish the sentence. I don't know what would get my inspiration back, if I even want it back. My Muse is a bitch. (And if I ever create an on-line fictional journal, that is what it is going to be called.)


30 September 1999 ::: Hit the Floor :::
         Ever have one of those clutzy days? Where you drop everything you handle about 5 times straight. And then I dropped something and little bits went in all directions... I went to get the broom to clean up my mess, and dropped it too. sheesh.

         We had an "observer" today at work. 'Cause, you know, work at a Vet's office is so very glamorous. heh. I don't think the poor girl was there for 10 minutes before she passed out. Literally. Hit the floor. And we were only drawing some blood out of an animal. :) Poor thing. um, the girl that is. I don't think she'll ever show up again.

         But then we had to tell our fainting stories. One time the vet tech was working on a dog with a cut paw... The guy watching next to him passed out and the tech happened to catch him. Apparently the tech stood there for several minutes holding both the guy and the dog, not being able to let go of either! heh.

         Then of course, you have me. I tend to pass out on a regular basis, tho I have never actually hit the floor. So far I have been able to retreat in time to sit in another room. What makes cheri pass out, you ask? Well, a nice combination of flowing blood, maybe a fight with the animal, eyeballs get me often, and my chronic low blood sugar in the mornings. You would think that I would get used to all the blood and eyeballs and eat a good breakfast. But no, not really.

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