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Alberta Falls and Mills Lake, Colorado

Alberta Falls, CO
Day 2
The whole family, eleven of us in all, piled into two vans and drove to Rocky Mountain National Park. The trail up to Mills Lake is 2.5 miles long and about 1000 feet vertical. And somehow I got stuck carrying a twelve pack of pop in my backpack, along with my cameras and sunscreen and water jug. Fortunately, I passed the backpack off to someone else and never got it back again.

The picture above is part of Alberta Falls, which is on the trail up to Mills Lake. Alberta Falls is at 9,240 feet above sea level. And the picture below is of Mills Lake which is at 9,940 feet.

Mills Lake, CO
Ground Squirrel at Mills Lake We got up to Mills Lake and ate lunch with the friendly ground squirrels and some dive bombing birds called Clark's Nutcrackers. ha. We also saw a pika on the trail, which is a rodent about the size of a small rabbit.

The men crossed the lake by walking on logs, then hiked over a ridge and found some snow that hadn't melted yet.

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