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Carter Lake, Colorado

My Parents House

My parents live outside of a little town north of Denver, Colorado. The trip from my home in Arizona was 985 miles and took me and Adric the guinea pig 15 hours to drive. Actually, I did most of the driving. :)
Day 1
It's the Meier family reunion and the house is full of people. We've got me, Dad, Mom. Dad's brother, Ron with his wife Linda. Dad's sister, Jan with her 13 year old son Tim. And Dad's other sister, Donna with husband Mike and eleven year old son Dustin.

The photos on the right are of Carter Lake, taken from a hill we hiked up.

After the hike, we all went to a wine shop in Loveland. I tried a couple of the wines they had, Prairie Rose and some German wines I can't spell. But I decided that I still don't like wine. :)

Carter Lake, CO
Carter Lake, CO

My brother, who lives in Denver, joined us in the afternoon. The family played outside or talked on the back deck. I discovered a natural knack for the game of horseshoes and my brother and I whipped the other team of Ron and Tim, 15 to 8. :)

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