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PineWood Reservoir

PineWood Reservoir Day 4
Today, Dad, my uncle Ron and I rowed the canoe around Pinewood Reservoir. Pinewood is part of a system in which water is brought over from the western side of the Rocky Mountains in huge pipes to the eastern side. The pipes dump into these reservoirs, and then the water is piped down into other reservoirs farther down. The piped water is also running a hydro-electric facility. The water level at Pinewood was so low when we visited that you could see the water swirling down the drain, like a huge bathtub.

Me in the Canoe The Canoe

Day 5
Today Dad and Mom and I went for a bike ride around the subdivision. My parents live in a rich subdivision out in the country where everyone has more than an acre of land. So there's lots of open space, and the back of the subdivision is right up against the foothills of the Rockies. Some people had horses, some even had a few llamas. Mom mentioned she saw a rattle snake sunning on the road the other day.

Poudre the cat The running joke at home is the interaction between my friend, Adric the guinea pig and my parents' ruler of the house, Poudre the cat. The first night, I set down Adric's home and lifted Poudre up to see. Adric stood up on his back legs and was interested in meeting Poudre. Poudre took one look at Adric, and hissed.

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