Example of a Project Page

Project: CREATIVITY.HTML Start: Wed 25 Nov 98
Finish:Wed 25 Nov 98

X - Creativity Essay
=== keep a journal === keep on your toes === relax === being/doing === project page === example
X - Link from Index.html
X - Background
X - Font
X - Graphics?
X - Project Page example
. separate page?
. fun with tables! (white 90% table on black bkgrnd)
. Don't forget colors, font sizes (arial, black, red, blue)

X - Links to creativity pages
. find more links?
X - Header information
. description and keywords
. . . Wed - Organize project page, wrote essay

Thurs - project.html

This is an incredible project!

You have been inspired!

People will love this page!

You can complete this project even tho there is a lot of work involved.

This project is very important to me.

. (image: creative icon??)
CREATIVITY, an essay by C.M.

(Link to: proj page)
(Links elsewhere)

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