Ideas for Enhancing Your Creativity

Keep a Journal
No matter what, write two pages in your journal every day. Don't skip out out just because you don't feel like writing. This will teach you that you can do something for your creativity every day, regardless of how inspired you actually feel.

At the moment I am keeping four journals. Strange but true.
  • Every day Journal I write several pages in this journal every day, despite whether or not I feel like it. I describe the day's events, I write about what's going to happen tomorrow. I tell what I should have said when so-and-so said this. Etcetera.
  • Creative Journal A journal for creative beginnings. Snippets of stories, perhaps a single image described in a paragraph. Things that interest me. Lists of things I want and want to do.
  • Mental Health Journal This is the journal for rants. Getting the bad stuff in my head out in a vent will usually keep me from obsessing on it.
  • "The Final Draft" Creative Journal My completed stories and poems are copied into this journal.
In other words: I am a bit obsessive-compulsive about keeping things in their place! :)

Keep on Your Toes
. Break your routines. Do something different.
  • Go to work by a different route.
  • Buy different kinds of food. Taste something you might not like, but also indulge in your favorites, occasionally. That yummy ice cream you like may be expensive, but you are worth it!
  • Be "alone" with your thoughts for a little while in an entirely new environment. Bring a book to read in a coffee shop. Go for a nature walk. Go to a flea market, dollar store, garage sale... buy something silly!
  • Do some research on... something totally off the wall.
  • Do something you would "never" do.
Get the idea?!

Don't Forget to Relax
Give yourself a break! Step back from your project for a while. Sports and exercise are good for both the body and the mind. Read a book or meditate. Or just watch your favorite video. (If nothing else, you probably have a sink full of dishes that need to be washed!!)

Creativity is a state of being but it is also a state of doing
The "problem" is not that we don't have Ideas. We have Ideas. We all have tons of Ideas. But our Ideas are not being put into motion. Why? That is a question you have to answer for yourself.

Many people have a killer "Inner Critic". We start getting excited about an idea and then the Inner Critic kicks in: That's a stupid idea, It'll never work, People won't like that, It won't change anything, You'll nver get that done. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Analize what your Critic is saying.
  • Why is it a stupid idea? You were excited about it a minute ago. It's a Great Idea!
  • It'll never work? You never know 'til you try.
  • People won't like it? People will surprise you if you keep this thinking. And anyway, your friends and loved ones are going to tell you it's a great Idea. And everyone will secretly admire you for your creative ventures!
  • It won't change anything, huh? At the very least putting your Idea into motion will change you.
  • And "You'll never get that done." By breaking down your project into small manageable bits, even the most monumental creations become attainable.
What is your Critic saying? Face down that Critic with logical arguments.

Getting Started:
The Project Page
Okay. So you have an Idea. Ignore that Inner Critic and, QUICK: Write down your Idea! Writing down your Idea makes it concrete, makes it substantial. It gives your Idea weight and makes it possible.

I write down my Ideas on a Project Page, which includes these parts.
  • Project Name Giving your Idea a name makes it real. It is no longer a passing thought, it is now a Project to be worked on.
  • Start and Finish Dates Start will be todays date, even if all you do is make the Project Page. You will write down the finish date when your Idea is brought to completion.
  • Break it down Write down your baby steps. Don't forget to include space to check your small goals off. Also include space to add in details when they occur to you.
  • Accomplishments Leave an area to write down what you accomplished each day you played with your Idea.
  • Draw a Picture Visualization is a very important component of the creative process. Make a quick sketch of what you are going to do. Also keep in mind that your completed project may not look like the picture you drew. Change is the nature of creativity.
  • Affirmations Write down at least five things you can tell yourself when your Inner Critic gets too loud. Some examples:
    • This is a very important project.
    • This is a big project but I know you can accomplish it!
    • People will think highly of you when they see the results of this project.
    • This will work and people will like it.
Here is an example of the Project Page I made for this web page. Project Page Example Ideas for Enhancing Your Creativity
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