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Drawing Day
Sat 7 June 2008

Drawing Day 2008

Ha! Great idea!

"Spreading awareness of the joy of drawing."

I'll be drawing today, and I will upload my pictures here, as I get the chance.

In the meantime, go check out some of the groups...

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  Paper Demon: Drawing Day 2008
  Amateur Illustrator: "drawingday08"
  Rate My Drawings: DrawingDay08

Drawing at 1pm... This is Verdella, the dragon.


... and my work area, sitting on my bed. Of course, that's Verdella on the window sill. The bunny is Daya. The colours in the box on the left are my PrismaColor Art Stix, "woodless coloured pencils". They are the best things ever.

art space

Multicoloured scrub jay

Drawing at 4pm... just having some digital painting fun with a blurry photo I took a few months ago...

I did sit down to draw again around 9pm, but I couldn't decide what to draw. So, that's all for today.

It probably wouldn't kill me to do Drawing Days more often. and it probably wouldn't kill me to tackle some more serious drawings.

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